How To Use

Step One:

Make sure your eyebrows are groomed to start. This means making sure there are no random hairs above or below your eyebrows. 


Step Two:

Lightly fill in your eyebrow, working from the inner to outer corner. Use light, short strokes. Do not press so hard that you can see the actual lines from where you applied the pencil. Work all the way to the outer corner.

Make sure there are no stray marks. If so, you can remove them by taking a cotton swab lightly soaked with eye makeup remover and gently rub away the errors.


Step Three:

If desired, use an eyebrow brush to comb the brows and blend the pencil even more. This is not necessary, but can help with the overall look. Taking an eyebrow brush, work from the inner to outer corner, similar as to applying the pencil. Use short, light strokes.