Safe Cosmetics Guide

Have you seen some images at the bottom of the product pages? Here are what the symbols means!



1) Golden Rose's love for Beauty and the Earth also extends to the love for animals. And as such, Golden Rose is 100% against the testing of cosmetics on animals in the manufacturing and R&D stage. 



2) Golden Rose products are dermatogically tested to be 100% safe for consumers and customers. Golden Rose products are fully registered with the BPFK, Ministry of Health, Malaysia. 


3) Golden Rose products are 100% Paraben free. Paraben are chemicals which have preservative qualities, and they are frequently used in cosmetics and other over-the-counter beauty and health care products. However, Paraben is known to have side effects and also development of certain cancers in women. Golden Rose products are certified by the BPFK, Ministry of Health to be free from Paraben. 



4) This symbol denotes the shelf life of Golden Rose's products. It shows how many months a Golden Rose product should be used once it is opened before it expires. "M" equals months.