Surprise Me


Even if you have sexy lips, you can't just walk out your house with those messy eyebrows! Here are some tips to clear off your bushy eyebrows.


Use a brow & lash comb to brush your eyebrow. Then use Golden Rose Eyebrow Pencil to fill your brow into your desired shape. To soften the look, don't forget to use Eyebrow Powder.


If you have very messy and unkempt eyebrows, shape them first with Brow Styling Gel or with Brow Color Tinted Eyebrow Mascara


If you want a more defined look, Longstay Liquid Brow Liner #02 is your must-have product. Aloha good brows, here I come!


Picture shows:-

1.Eyebrow Powder #103

2. Longstay Liquid Brow Liner #02

3. Brow Color Tinted Eyebrow Mascara #04

4. Brow Styling Gel